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Frequently asked questions


  1. Why after logging into the on-line shop did I have to change password?
    For security reasons; after the on-line shop has been changed, following the first log-in a change of password is required.  
  2. Why can I not log-in to a website of a new shop?
    In order to log in into a new website of the on-line shop customer has to delete the browser history. To do so you have to delete your browsing history in the web browser by clicking “Tools”, ”Internet options”, and then in browsing history select  deleting browsing history.  The choice should be confirmed by “OK” button.  
  3. After adding the product to cart or after browsing products, how can I move to other products belonging to another categories of collector items?
    It is possible to move to main categories by going with “Arrow” located in the upper left-hand corner of the page to the left or by “clicking” the list of categories, in the left bottom corner of the page.


  1. Do I have to register in order to make a request?
    Yes, in order to make a request registration of a user is required. 
  2. I forgot my password, what shall I do?
    In order to reset your password, use the “Forgot my password” function, located below the log-in button. 
  3. Browsers supported by the interface of a Kolekcjoner system user.
     - Mozilla Firefox for Windows and Mac OS X - The latest version of “Extended Support Release”,
     - Internet Explorer for Windows 9+,
     - Safari for Mac OS X – the latest stable version
     - Google Chrome for Windows and Mac OS X – the latest stable version
     - Mobile Safari (Responsive Design) - iOS6. + and iOS7.+
     - Android Webkit (Responsive Design) - 4.+,
     - Chrome for Android (Responsive Design) ‒ the latest stable version 
  4. How do I delete my account from the on-line shop?
    After logging in, go to the tab with your name, then select  “My account”. “Delete account” button is in the bottom right corner.


  1. May I cancel my order already placed, before paying for it?
    Lack of payment for the ordered collector items within 7 days from the date of confirmation of the order, shall result in cancellation of the order.
  2. May I change something in the order placed, but which has not yet been executed? 
    Sale of the collector items at the Kolekcjoner on-line shop does not provide for additional changes made in the orders placed.
  3. I placed two separate orders. Can I get them in one shipment?
    Sale of collector items does not provide for pooling orders.
  4. Can I check the status of the execution of contract?
    Status of the execution of contract is visible in the name tab including name and surname in the section “My orders” and in notifications sent to the given e-mail address.
  5. What to do if I did not receive any e-mail confirming the execution of purchase contract?In the case of not receiving message confirming the execution of order we recommend to check “Spam” tab in your e-mail box. If the message cannot be found, we propose to contact a Kolekcjoner on-line shop assistant 
  6. Where may I see my completed order?
    The completed orders can be found in the section “My orders” of the name tab.


  1. What should I put in the title of a bank transfer to a bank account?
    The transfer title should include the order number. The order number may be verified by selecting the name tab and the section “My orders”.
  2. Is it required to be a holder of the account from which bank transfer for the order will be made? 
    Customer purchasing collector items at the Kolekcjoner on-line shop does not have to be the bank account holder, but the order number should be entered in the payment title.
  3. Making payment with a card via Internet should I be the card owner or someone can make a payment on my behalf?
    As in the case of bank transfer, the Customer does not have to own the card used for making payment. Condition for delivery of a collector item is a payment made with the order number entered in the payment title.


  1. Can I personally collect the item paid by bank transfer or with a card via the Internet?
    Items paid by bank transfers or with a card can be collected at the regional branch in Warsaw. For this purpose, in the order details, delivery option: personal collection should be selected.  
  2. What is the cost of shipment?

    The cost of shipment is included in the amount due for the order, as indicated in the order confirmation.

    • up to the gross value PLN 5,000 – cost of shipping – PLN 14.30 (cost of shipping PLN 12.30 plus PLN 2 insurance)
    • up to the gross value PLN 20,000 – cost of shipping – PLN 20.30 (cost of shipping PLN 12.30 plus PLN 8 insurance)
  3. I placed the order and made a payment for collector items, including delivery. Shall the courier inform me in advance about the time the delivery is effected on the address given by me?
    On the day of delivery, a courier should notify the Customer about the planned time of transfer of courier delivery. 
  4. What to do in the situation where a courier came with a parcel and I was not at home?
    If the receipt of courier parcel is impossible, the courier is obliged to leave a notification informing when collection of the parcel is possible. After 2 working days from the notification date the parcel is returned to NBP.  


  1. May I return collector items personally?
    No, returns of collector items purchased at Kolekcjoner on-line shop should be sent at the customer’s expense to the following address: Narodowy Bank Polski, ul. Świętokrzyska 11/21, 00-919 Warszawa, with a note „Sklep internetowy” [“On-line shop”].
  2. I want to return collector items. How do I send them back?
    Customer may renounce purchasing collector items at the on-line shop at any time up to 14 days from the courier service delivery date. Returns are made at the customer’s expense to the following address: Narodowy Bank Polski, ul. Świętokrzyska 11/21, 00-919 Warszawa, with a note “Sklep internetowy” [”On-line shop”], in intact, original security packages and must be accompanied by the cash register receipt or VAT invoice.


  1. Are the collector items covered by warranty?
    Yes, the collector items are covered by warranty in accordance with relevant law in force.
  2. How to proceed if the ordered collector items are not consistent with features enumerated in the Catalogue of Production Features?
    If the Customer finds quality defects in the purchased collector items (in the case of collector coins – inadmissible production features enumerated in the Catalogue of Production Features), he/she files a complaint at the place of their delivery , by submitting the collector items being the object of complaint, accompanied by a fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice, as the proof of making the purchase, as well as a detailed written substantiation of the complaint and information containing data for correspondence. If collector items are delivered via courier service, the complaint and collector items are sent to Narodowy Bank Polski the same way.


  1. What kind of data do we collect about you?
    Data collected at the registration procedure.
    In order to use our system or in order to conclude an agreement and then purchase collector items, you have to register in the system.
    If you are an individual user, then, at the registration, we will ask for your name (names), surname, residence address, address for correspondence, telephone number, e-mail address, login and password which you will use on our website, and information relating to the way of receipt of collector items.
    However, if you are an institutional user then, at the registration, we will ask you for the name of your company, address of the registered office, telephone number, tax identification number (NIP), statistical number (REGON) (if it has been allocated), e-mail address, login and password which you will use on our website, and information relating to the way of receipt of collector items.
  2. Is the collection of data automated?
    When you visit our website, data concerning your visit are collected automatically, i.e. your IP address, name of the domain, type of browser, type of the operation system etc.
  3. Are the data collected when I contact Kolekcjoner on-line shop?
    When you contact us, using a contact form on our website, telephone or e-mail, you give us your personal information, i.e. name, surname, e-mail address.
  4. How do we use your data?
    In no case shall the data collected about you be sold to third parties.
    Data collected at the registration will solely be used to enable you to log in into our system and execute the process of sale of collector items. If you want to buy collector items, registration is mandatory.
    If you agreed to receive promotional materials, we will use your data to send them to you. During the registration, you will be asked if you want to receive promotional materials.
    Data collected in the course of correspondence between you and our service will be only used to respond to your question.
    In the event of an inspection by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, your personal data may be made available to the Inspector General, his/her deputy or employees of the Office of the Inspector General, authorised by him/her in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection.
    In case of violation of the rules of our service, violations of the law or when it would be required by law, we may disclose your data to judicial authorities.
  5. How will we contact with you?
    If you agreed to receive promotional materials, you will receive them from us by e-mail on your e-mail address.
  6. How can you inform us about changes in your data?
    After logging in into the system and selecting “Moje konto” [”My account”] tab, you may change your personal data.  The system allows you to change all data except login.
  7. Use of ”cookies” files.
    Our website may use cookies to identify your browser while using our site, so that we know which page to display. “Cookies” do not contain any personal data.
    A user of our website has the right to disable “cookies” at any time. Disabling “cookies” is possible in the user’s browser. The Internet also offers some services allowing for switching off such maintenance service. We honestly inform, however, that, as a rule, the disabling of “cookies” does not result in inability to use our sites or services, but it may cause some difficulties in this regard.
  8. How do we secure your personal data?
    Communication between your computer and our server, when we collect your personal data, is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In addition, our databases are secured against access by third parties.
  9. Changes in our privacy policy.
    We reserve the right to change this privacy policy by posting a new privacy policy on this website.