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Kolekcjoner - Rules currently in force


§ 1 General provisions

The Rules lay down the principles for the conduct as well as the rights and obligations of the participants of transactions concluded at the online shop, operating at the address under the Kolekcjoner system.

§ 2 Definitions

Terms used in the Rules have the following meaning: 

  1. NBP ‒ Narodowy Bank Polski with its registered office in Warsaw at ulica Świętokrzyska 11/21;
  2. Kolekcjoner ‒ the computer system enabling the purchase of collector items at the online shop, operating under this system, hereinafter referred to as the Kolekcjoner system;
  3. NBP online shop – the computer system, which is a module of the Kolekcjoner system, that serves to enter into sale agreements between NBP and customers;
  4. account – a set of resources and rights under the Kolekcjoner system, assigned to a specific participant, with a unique name (login) and password enabling the execution of transactions at the online shop;
  5. registration – the account opening procedure;
  6. customer ‒ a natural person, legal person or unincorporated organisational unit with capacity to effect acts in law that has performed the registration and obtained access to the online shop, operating as part of Kolekcjoner system with the use of the created account;
  7. individual recipient – a natural person purchasing collector items outside his/her economic activity, or a natural person not conducting economic activity;
  8. institutional recipient – a natural person who is not an individual recipient, a legal person or an unincorporated organisational unit;
  9. foreign institutional recipient – an institutional recipient with its registered office outside the territory of the Republic of Poland;
  10. sale price – the price inclusive of due value-added tax at which collector items are offered for sale at the online shop;
  11. security package – tamper-evident security envelope, which allows seeing the purchased collector item without opening the envelope, sealed with a security tape provided with mechanical, thermal and humidity indicators, protecting against a loss of primary features of collector items issued by NBP, and containing a warning message for buyers in the wording as follows: “ATTENTION: Breaking the security envelope implies the loss of the primary features of the collector item and cancels the right of the buyer to return it to NBP as an item in the original condition”;
  12. DES – Cash and Issue Department of NBP (in Polish: Departament Emisyjno-Skarbcowy);
  13. website of the shop ‒ website of the online shop operated by Narodowy Bank Polski under the Kolekcjoner system;
  14. operating days – days from Monday to Friday, save for statutory public holidays and public holidays, as stipulated by separate regulations;
  15. days – calendar days;
  16. ID – a document with a photo, confirming the identity of the bearer, and – in the case of a domestic participant – showing his/her PESEL number;
  17. payment in an NBP regional branch – payment made in cash and/or with a payment card for the collector items ordered via the online shop and collected in the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw;
  18. card – payment card issued under payment systems supported by an Operator which signed a contract for providing card payment services with NBP, i.e. currently the following payment systems: Visa, MasterCard and Dinners Club;
  19. transaction – one-off card payment via the Internet which represents the payment of full amount for one order;
  20. card payment via the Internet – execution of a transaction via the Internet; when card payment is selected, it does not allow to split payment for a single order into transactions of smaller value or to pay multiple orders with a single transaction;
  21. link to the Kolekcjoner system – unique routing to the Kolekcjoner system, which – once the user has logged in – displays the details of the order indicated in the link, then routing is effected to the website of the card payment operator that intermediates in the selection of a payment system (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, Dinners Club) and payment by a selected card;
  22. Catalogue of Production Features – specification of admissible and inadmissible production features of collector coins. The specification is accessible at NBP regional branches and on the NBP online shop website.


§ 3 Registration

  1. Purchases via the online shop are subject to registration resulting in account activation.
  2. Customers register by filling in a registration form on the website of the shop.
  3. In order to make a purchase at the shop, the customer must accept the rules for the collector items sales conducted by the online shop ‒ available on the website of the shop ‒ and consent to the processing of his/her personal data entered into the Kolekcjoner system upon registration in order to service transactions concluded in the shop.
  4. A customer who performs the registration procedure may agree to have information and promotional material concerning the activity of the Kolekcjoner system sent to his/her e-mail address specified in the course of the registration.


§ 4 Customer account

  1. The customer is granted access to his/her account at the online shop after entering his/her login and password.
  2. The account contains the data entered by the customer upon registration. In the event of any modifications to the data, the customer is obliged to update the data by modifying and re-approving the registration form. 
  3. In the event of a loss of the password to the account, the customer may retrieve it by using the “Forgot Password?” option („zapomniałeś hasła?”) available on the website of the shop.
  4. The customer’s personal data are processed by NBP (data administrator) with the aim to execute the order, to implement the statutory registering obligations and for storage.
  5. The customer has the right to review and modify his/her personal data.


§ 5 Placement and completion of orders

  1. NBP guarantees each and every collector item offered for sale at the online shop to be original and free from any physical or legal defects.
  2. In the event of collector items being delivered to a customer via courier service, the cost of shipment, inclusive of insurance, shall be added to the sale price. The effective shipment cost is quoted on the website of the shop. Delivery via courier service is offered to handle the orders of collector items of up to PLN 20 000 gross value.
  3. The customer order placed by completing and accepting the order form represents an offer to purchase the product within the meaning of the provisions of the Polish Civil Code. While placing the order, the customer selects the method of payment (card payment via the Internet/transfer/cash on the item collection at the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw), delivery (courier delivery/collection at the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw) and the form of registering the purchase (cash register receipt/VAT invoice). In the event the customer chooses the option of collecting the purchased items at the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw, the notification of the collection day shall be communicated within 10 days as of the date of submission of the order or as of the day of crediting NBP account with the amount due. 
  4. The order is approved for execution upon sending the confirmation of receipt thereof to the customer. The confirmation is sent automatically within 24 hours. It contains information on the order number and amount, method of payment and the collection of bid items.
  5. While selecting the delivery of collector items by courier service, the customer undertakes to pay the full amount due for the order via the Internet, or to make a bank transfer, including shipment costs, within 7 days of receipt of order confirmation.
  6. Cash register receipt or VAT invoice is issued for each order. NBP attaches this document to the sold collector items.
  7. The ordered collector items are handed over:
    1) via courier service, in transparent security package, to the address indicated by the customer in the order form, within 7 operating days of the day of payment receipt. The delivery is effected only within the territory of the Republic of Poland;
    2) at the collector items cash desks at the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw, on the day as indicated, upon production of the identity document and the order reference number;
    3) at DES – if sold to foreign institutional customers.
  8. If ‒ after accepting the order ‒ it cannot be executed in full or in part for any reason beyond the control of NBP, the Bank reserves the right to refuse to meet the order, while forthwith notifying the customer of the failure. If the NBP account has been credited with the order price, NBP shall refund the customer the amount due.
  9. If no payment for the ordered collector items is received within 7 days of the confirmation of order, it will be cancelled. If the collector items are not collected at the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw within 7 operating days from the items availability confirmation date, the order will be cancelled, the amount paid will be remitted to the account from which the payment originated or to the card used for making payment; the payment will be refunded within 14 days as of the scheduled collection day.
  10. NBP reserves the right to decline the execution of the order should the data entered by the customer prove incomplete, inaccurate or false.
  11. Any comments and queries about the operation of the online shop, or about the execution of the orders should be forwarded by e-mail, fax or telephone to the address or telephone number indicated on the website of the shop.


§ 6 Return of purchased collector items

  1. The individual recipient may return collector items purchased via the online shop within 14 days from the date of their delivery by courier or collection in the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw.
  2. The return of collector items is made at the Customer’s expense to the following address: Narodowy Bank Polski, ul. Świętokrzyska 11/21, 00-919 Warszawa, with the annotation “Sklep internetowy", by way of postal or courier delivery; NBP shall reimburse the cost of the delivery in accordance with par. 3 and 4.
  3. The return of collector items delivered by way of courier delivery shall take place in the intact, original secure packaging, together with the cash register receipt or VAT invoice. NBP will refund within 14 operating days from the delivery of the returned collector items to the address given in par. 2, the equivalent of the amount due, together with the return shipping costs:
    1)    by bank transfer to the bank account from which the payment was made, or
    2)    to the account of the card used for making the payment.
  4. The return of collector items collected in the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw shall take place together with the cash register receipt or the VAT invoice. NBP will refund within 14 operating days from the date of delivery of the collector items to the address given in par. 2, the equivalent of the amount due:
    1)   by bank transfer to the bank account from which the payment was made, or
    2)   to the  account of the card used for making the payment, or
    3)   in cash in the NBP Regional Branch in Warsaw.


§ 7 Complaints

  1. For the purposes of considering a customer complaint in relation to collector items purchased by mail order at the online shop, the collector items being the object of a complaint shall be delivered to the following address: Narodowy Bank Polski, Departament Emisyjno-Skarbcowy, ul. Świętokrzyska 11/21, 00-919 Warszawa, with a note “Sklep internetowy/reklamacja”(“Online shop/Customer complaint”), accompanied by a protocol whose template constitutes Annex 2 to the Resolution and a fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice, as the proof of making the purchase.
  2. repealed
  3. DES shall consider the customer’s complaint not later than within 14 days upon the complaint delivery to NBP.
  4. In the case where a complaint is deemed justified.
    1) NBP shall exchange the collector items being the object of the complaint for the same number of collector items of the same type free from defects; when they were purchased by mail order, their new delivery will be carried out at the cost of NBP, or
    2) the customer shall receive reimbursement of the price and the possible costs of shipment; the amounts due shall be transferred to the bank account indicated by the customer within 14 operating days from the date on which the respective complaint was considered justified.
  5. No complaints will be considered of collector items showing the traces of physical damage arising from customers’ mishandling them.


§ 8 Final provisions

  1. Any amendments to the Rules governing the online shop may be made unilaterally by NBP at any time. The customer shall be advised of the amendments at the first logging to the system following their introduction. Lack of acceptance of the amended Rules on the part of the customer shall result in the customer being unable to make further purchases in the online shop.
  2. Amendments to the Rules shall become effective on the date specified by NBP. Transactions initiated prior to the effective date of the amendments shall be effected in accordance with the procedure binding theretofore.
  3. NBP holds proprietary copyrights of the Kolekcjoner system and all the works contained therein, of the online shop logo and the trademarks.
  4. All matters not regulated by these Rules shall be governed by the generally applicable provisions of law.