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10 zł 420th Anniversary of the Birth of Hetman Stefan Czarniecki

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Gross price: 180.00 PLN Net price: 146.34 PLN
Face value: 10 zł

Product description


on the right, the image of the Eagle established as the state emblem of the Republic of Poland; under the Eagle, on the right, the Mint mark: m / w. In the background, on the left, a fragment of mantling – the vegetal ornament of the heraldic shield of the Hetman Stefan Czarniecki’s family line – Łodzia. Along the rim, the inscription reading anti-clockwise from the left: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA, and the inscription reading clockwise from the right: 10 zł, and the notation of the year of issue: 2019, preceded and followed by a pellet.


centrally, the bust of Hetman Stefan Czarniecki in a fur-lined coat with braiding; to the right of the bust, a hetman’s sign – a spear with a metal buckle holding feathers, topped with a spearhead. Semi-circular inscriptions: 420. ROCZNICA URODZIN (420th Anniversary of the Birth), in the upper part, and HETMANA STEFANA CZARNIECKIEGO (of Hetman Stefan Czarniecki) in the lower part.

Business form:

package –cardboard box,
certificate – yes.

Expected delivery time is 7 days

Product data

Year of issue
Issue subject
10 zł 420th Anniversary of the Birth of Hetman Stefan Czarniecki
Ag 925
Alloy/finish - more information
proof - high relief
Diameter [mm]
Weight [g]

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