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History of Polish Coin, 20 zł 100 Ducats of Sigismund III

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Product description


Centrally, a stylised image of the reverse of 100 Ducats of King Sigismund Vasa – with a crown and below it, a nine-field escutcheon with the coats of arms of Poland, Lithuania, Sweden and Gotland, and at the centre, the Vasa crest (sheaf of hay); around the escutcheon a stylised decorative chain; along the rim, an inscription: MAGNVS·DVX·LITVAN:RVSS: :PRVSS:MAS:SAM:LIVON:ZC:. At the bottom, on a separated circle-shaped area, the image of the Eagle established as the State emblem of the Republic of Poland, along the rim an inscription: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA (Republic of Poland) and, following a separating pellet, the notation of the year of issue: 2017; below the Eagle, an inscription: 20 ZŁ and, below the Eagle, on the right, the Mint Mark: m / w.


Centrally a stylised image of the obverse of 100 Ducats of King Sigismund Vasa, with the image of the bust of the King (in profile), without a crown, wearing armour, facing right; on the left of the image of the King, a semi-circular fragment of an inscription: SIGISMVNDVS·III·D:G:. Along the lower edge of the coin, a semi-circular inscription: 100 DUKATÓW ZYGMUNTA III (100 ducats of Sigismund Vasa).

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Subject in the series: 11/20.

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Product data

Year of issue
Issue subject
History of Polish Coin, 20 zł 100 Ducats of Sigismund III
Ag 925
Alloy/finish - more information
proof, selective gilding
Diameter [mm]
Weight [g]

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