Collector coins

Narodowy Bank Polski holds the exclusive right to issue the Polish currency, including silver and gold collector coins and general circulation coins with commemorative designs. Issuing collector and commemorative coins is an occasion to commemorate important historic figures and anniversaries, to develop the interest of the public in Polish culture, science and tradition as well as to commemorate current events.  

The Narodowy Bank Polski issue schedule includes several themes each year – both individual and issued under thematic series. Polish collector and commemorative coins are designed by the most outstanding medal designers. Thanks to their professional skills and the employment of innovative minting techniques, the coins of Narodowy Bank Polski have for years won numerous prizes and awards at international numismatic fairs.






  • Narodowy Bank Polski issues:

    • collector coins produced in precious metals – gold or silver,
    • circulating coins with commemorative design, of the face value of 5 złoty, struck to ordinary circulation standard: ring: MN 25, core: CuAl6Ni2.

Odkryj Polskę - 25 lat wolności, 5 zł, rewers                  Odkryj Polskę - 25 lat wolności, 5 zł, awers





Collector coins are encapsulated in plastic capsules and packaged in laminated cardboard folders – grey for silver coins and black for gold coins.

For collector coins of the Treasures of Stanisław August series, a special folder has been designed, featuring an embossed superexlibris of King Stanisław August Poniatowski.  

Certificates of authenticity containing information on the issued coin are attached to all collector coins.

All commemorative coins issued by Narodowy Bank Polski are legal tender in Poland. Their purchasing power is determined by the face value stated on the obverse of each coin. Irrespective of the coin face value, commemorative coins hold collector market value.